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Project Description
Parser that takes source code in different .NET languages as an input and formats it with HTML tags. The output is HTML code that makes blog publishing easier.

This project is being developed by Jujuy ASP NET a team of students and teachers from Jujuy, Argentina working with Microsoft in a .NET Cell 2.0.
The project started as a need to format C# source code in blogs easier and to be used in the AnOtherBlog project to support source code formatting.
Initial support is for C#, VB.NET, JavaScript and ASPX/HTML/XML, then we will start adding support for other languages as needed.

Version 1.0 released. Download Version 1.0.
  • Source Code input in:
    • C#
    • VisualBasic.NET
    • JavaScript
    • ASPX/HTML/XML (assumes JavaScript within <script> and </script> and C# between <% and %>)
  • HTML formatted Output options:
    • Line numbers
    • Alternate background
    • Embedded Stylesheet
    • In line Styles

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